Friday, 23 January 2009

Gone going gone.

I've gone... Gone gone gone! I'm all set up elsewhere! Thank you to everyone who emailed and has followed me. It's nice to know you still want to read my babbling.

Whoever you are Anonymous, I'm gutted you're not going to be able to follow me. 5yrs is a long time. Maybe once it's all died down I'll post a link or something. I'm not sure.

And to you lovely people in Courche... Thanks to whoever it was who thought it fitting to tell the Resort Manager. Reeeeally appreciated that one. And thanks for ending 5yrs of rosiewishes. I don't mind that you know the blog exists; I write online for all to see, but I do mind that you all mocked me for it. That wasn't appreciated.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Found out, again.

You might be wondering where all my past posts have disappeared to. I deleted them. Because my journal got discovered by someone from the company I work for out here in the Alps. I don't really feel comfortable enough letting these new colleagues read my posts... and I didn't appreciate being mocked for it, either.

So I'm moving, to somewhere much more anonymous. I know my postings have been very open and not at all clandestine. Tonight I realised that it's time to start hiding.

I've not made a new account just yet, but if you want to keep in touch send me a email at: hodge _ biscuits @ hotmail . com (without the spaces) and I'll let you know the new address.

I'm a mess. I hate being discovered. It fucking ruins everything and lays me bare for ridicule from everyone.

On top of this shit I have other shit that I could have done with writing about. But hey, another time. I just want to curl into a ball and forget the world.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Year Review - Gota love 'em!

I wanted to start a new year with Bash, but he wouldn't have any of it. I held Sophia for the first time. I got 85% on my dissertation proposal! Steve and I broke up and I started sleeping with Dave.

Steve and I got back together and then argued for most of Valentines night... We took part in 'LOST' around the UK dressed as bumble bees.

I went to Belgium with OTC and we broke up again. Bash and I had a major blow out. I started sleeping with Dave again.

I properly met Alasdair and our screwed-up relationship ensued. And then he turned up in Liverpool as a Grand Romantic Gesture. I went to the Grand National with my girls. I got beaten up walking home from a party. I captained the Queen's Cup football team.


I pulled Monty - where did that come from?! Dave booty-called me from Cancun. And... I turned up in Lancaster in an attempt to reclaim Steve's heart. I went to Scarborough with my girls.

I worked in an Liverpudlian all boys school for 3weeks. I got a 2:2 in my degree. I surprised Hinny in Carlisle, and Helen in York in one weekend! I got my hair cut short and Steve hated it. I started my Blogspot blog.

I graduated. I moved home properly. I attempted to rinse Bash. I spent 2weeks in Devon for Summer Camp. Steve and I broke up, but didn't really.

Steve, Phyll and I had a fab, but wet, time in Scotland on Cadet Camp. It was probably the best time Steve and I ever had together. I had interviews for the job I am currently doing! I visited H in Nottingham with Tessy. I went on holiday to France with Becca and Carleline... We met Ludoo and Mehdi!

I went to Doncaster for Phyll's birthday and we went to GoApe! We went to the Lake District for Adventurous Training, and discovered So Macho! I handed my OTC kit in. I saw Garfield Mayor play in Coventry and got drunk with Sian!! Grandpa had a triple heart bypass.



So... that's as far as I got, and I really do not have the time or desire to scan those last couple of months, sorry!
Basically, my year has been a constant on and off with Steve. Looking back at it now, it seems a bit of a waste. Now I'm nothing to him and we're not even in contact. I guess we've both happily moved on. But the ending of relationships always makes me annoyed... Why didn't I realise from the start that it wasn't meant to be??

Ah well, you live, you learn.

Actually, I don't. I've been in Courche 10minutes and I'm already letting my head get screwed by a guy. That's a whole other post... Damn my silly highly-strung heart!