Thursday, 22 January 2009

Found out, again.

You might be wondering where all my past posts have disappeared to. I deleted them. Because my journal got discovered by someone from the company I work for out here in the Alps. I don't really feel comfortable enough letting these new colleagues read my posts... and I didn't appreciate being mocked for it, either.

So I'm moving, to somewhere much more anonymous. I know my postings have been very open and not at all clandestine. Tonight I realised that it's time to start hiding.

I've not made a new account just yet, but if you want to keep in touch send me a email at: hodge _ biscuits @ hotmail . com (without the spaces) and I'll let you know the new address.

I'm a mess. I hate being discovered. It fucking ruins everything and lays me bare for ridicule from everyone.

On top of this shit I have other shit that I could have done with writing about. But hey, another time. I just want to curl into a ball and forget the world.


Anonymous said...

oh...rubbish...don't want you to have my email address/identity so...goodbye!

I've been reading your journal for about 5-7 years now? if you've kept it that long? You've been very entertaining, thank you!

good luck :)

ayemiy said...

I can understand why people would be interested to read it, but to take the piss out of you off of the medium of internet is totally shitty.

If they had stuff to take up with you about it, it ought not to have been mocking.

For shame.

Will email you.

Blue soup said...

Aw I hate it when that sort of thing happens. I've been busted on my blog before and it makes you feel so vulnerable. It is a pity that they can't be more mature about it. Mind you, by the same token you could look at their attitude as a bit of a blessing - if they didn't take the piss, you might not know at all that they are reading. When there are strangers reading, I don't know who they are so I don't care that they know when I'm going through a tough time or when I am hopeful or disappointed etc. It somehow matters to me if someone I know is reading and I am unaware.

There are a few readers of my blog that I have given the address to and I trust them with my inner brain anyway so I don't mind. There is one person reading who I know and they know me and heaven knows how they got the address and neither of us has ever mentioned to the other that we know the truth, and that sometimes makes me stop and think a bit.

Blue soup said...

Anon - why don't you just set up another email account without personal information?

Anonymous said...

Oh piss. That's not really what you needed just now.... I'll email you x

Rachael said...

That's a shame mate :( I'm still reading, you could Facebook me your new one?

Anonymous said...

I know I'd endure years of piss taking if my mates found my blog. Not for the content even, just for the fact I have a blog.

I'll email you too

Anonymous said...

another long-termer checkin' out .. good luck at Goldsmiths and beyond

rosiewishes. said...

Oh Anons, I wish there was some way you could keep reading... I just don't know how!