Monday, 30 June 2008


I ran out of facewipes last week, but I've not been able to buy any more... until yesterday.

I left my card in the Chip'n'Pin at H&M in York because I got seriously distracted by the rather pretty man serving me. I was too busy struggling over answering Would you like a bag? because of his prettiness, so there was no chance of me remembering to grab my card.

My bank would only send my card home (Leamington, home) and for some reason there appears to only be one post van a week travelling between Leam' and Liv'! Mum posted it Tuesday, and it turned up on Saturday, along with things that had been posted the day before.

So I've been survivng on the £17 left in my other bank account, and worrying that my new card would never turn up.

Anyway; facewipes. I ran out. I couldn't buy more. My face became skank - soap and water just doesn't cut it anymore. Westy said he still loved me though, so it was fine.

But this morning I am fresh-faced and my skin is happy. I will never underestimate the power of Simple cleansing facial wipes again!

Today's ToDo List:
  1. Get the bus back to school so that I can show my mentor the Training Entry Profile I've been working on today. He needs to sign it off for me so I'll get paid.
  2. Get into town to buy fabric to make Westy's fancy dress outfit for camp. I promised him I would and I really do want to.
  3. Get to uni to pick up my graduation ceremony tickets. However, it has to be cunningly timed so that it's during another graduation ceremony to ensure campus isn't swamped by graduands and their families.
  4. Get to the unit (before 4pm) to get my bergen out of stores and sort it all out so that it is ready to be packed onto transport for camp.
  5. Wash every item of clothing that is remotely dirty so that it can all be packed away.
  6. Choose what clothes etc. I'll need for Wednesday through til Friday because the parents are going to be taking everything else home with them on Wednesday!
Ugh, I am already running late!

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