Monday, 30 June 2008

Busy Beast

This was probably one of the worst times to start my new blog. I have little to say at the moment because I'm not really doing much in my life, other than running around like a headless chicken doing mundane chores that just need to be done.

And then after this week I'm off to OTC Summer Camp, followed by Cheshire ACF Camp, and so there'll be about a month's worth of silence over here.

Today I shopped, and found a pretty green shirt. Then I got jiggy with the sewing machine to create Westy's Beast outfit:

Also, something amusing happened on the bus today:

After travelling about 100m on the No.60, the driver stopped and picked up an old tramp. He was obviously drunk, and he absolutely wreaked. He had a tray of chips with gravy, which he was dropping as he stumbled. The driver told him to get off, but he refused to, opting to instead sit down opposite me and uncontrollably curse at everyone on the bus. The police were called.

About 10minutes, the police turned up. Two hopped out of their patrol car and asked him to get off the bus. He refused, so they pulled out their latex gloves, ready to remove him. A third officer appeared, didn't even contemplate gloves and, without a word, grabbed him and dragged him off the bus. Problem solved!

The bus pulled away, and all that was left was a gravy-soaked chip:

One fellow bus-traveller muttered under his breath: "That chip shop should have known better than to serve him..." As if the key problem in all of this was the fact that a drunk man was eating chips?!

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