Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Honeymoon's Over

I'm in a strange mood. One of my over-thinking moods.
Westy invited 4 people over for dinner this evening without mentioning it to me. He cooked, but I was left to do the clearing away, and when that's clearing up after a roast chicken dinner for 6 people, it's not particularly pleasant. Everyone thanked me as I washed up all their shit, but noone offered to help.

I suppose I'm seeing the bad side to our pseudo-marriage.

I called Westy into the kitchen when I was clearing away:
"Westy, honey, can you please let me know when you're going to bring friends around?"
How much of a wife do I sound?? I went on to explain how unfair it was that he'd created such a mess for me to clear away, and asked when they'd be leaving so that I could get on with some work in the lounge. I was probably moaning quite a bit, but it's my house and it needed to be said.

I guess I'm kind of feeling like noone cares at the moment.
Noone seems to be particularly interested in what I'm up to, and there's noone here to give me a hug.

But, then, at the same time I am crazy happy, because I'm sat here in my half-made Lion King fancy dress outfit! And I'm finding it hard to be sad when I'm sat in front of my sewing machine. So life isn't all bad! Life never is all bad when you're inside my head!

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