Friday, 27 June 2008

Time Flies

I leave Liverpool for good in less than a week. I graduate next Wednesday. I am once again reminded how fast time flies.

Wasn't it only last year that Dad stormed out of my Halls after I managed to offend both parents by asking if they minded leaving me to my own devices so that I could "settle in"?
Did I really spend a year living here? That place seems an absolute lifetime away, and reading over my journal feels like I am reading the memoirs of a completely different person. Have I changed that much? Really?

I just drifted off reading past entries and reminiscing, but I really have to go to sleep because tomorrow is my last day at work! I'm finally teaching my first lesson, although it won't be on reproduction as was originally planned.
I was supposed to teach it today, but I chickened out. I rarely chicken out of things, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing it. He basically threw me in at the deep end; he told me yesterday that he wanted me to teach a lesson today using his lesson plans and his resources. Now if I'd been allowed to create my own lesson, I might have been ok... but I had no idea how long his activities would take, and I didn't totally understand the entire contents. How am I supposed to teach them something I don't understand myself? So I plucked up the courage to tell him I wasn't happy doing it, and I ended up watching him teach it, so that I can teach it to a different class tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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