Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Late At Tate

I've just discovered Late At Tate. I have been in Liverpool 3yrs now, yet I only just discover that the Tate puts on a free evening of art talks and music once a month. How is this fair??
Fortunately, this month's Late At Tate is next Thursday. So I can go to one but... I have noone to go with. I can't think of anyone who is around in Liverpool that would want to go to such an evening with me. I kind of think that's pretty sad. This is something that really interests me, yet I don't have anyone that shares that with me. I know that if I were at home I could find a good few people that would want to come.

So, shall I go on my own?

I've been meaning to see the Gustav Klimt exhibition ever since I noticed the advert for it at the train station, and I really want to stay and listen to Ana Silvera. But I don't know how much I want to go on my own.

I suppose I could try and persuade Andy to go with me. Or maybe Naomi.
Hmm. Maybe I'd enjoy it more on my own because at least that way I wouldn't feel like whoever I was with was only there because I'd dragged them along.

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