Saturday, 26 July 2008

Flown Visit.

It's nearly time for me to disappear again. My flurry of blog posts has matched my flurry of activity around Leamington as I attempt to do everything before leaving again.

In three days I have:
Closed my student bank account. Finally, I am free from the evils of fucking Lloyds TSB. Before shredding my card the pristinely dressed Lloyds-worker asked me why I was leaving. I didn't have the energy to tell her, so I gave her a withering look, waved my hand limply and told her it was a long story. Goodbye.
Opened an ISA. Cunningly named the "Tax Haven ISA", I have sold my soul to the devil that is Barclays. The Grandparents give me money to be saved, and saved it must be. So it's now sat in another account, winking at me, begging to be spent. A pair of skis would go down nicely for this ski season...
Spent a silly amount of money in JJB Sports. I don't really do sports shops, but after slashing my trousers (and leg) open on a barbed wire fence, I had to venture into the Chav Lands to replace them. I also needed a new swimming costume after my old one was defiled, and a new pair of running shorts didn't go amiss.
Picnic'd with my friends. The sun was shining so we had to do what us Leamingtonians do well; we sat in the park. Good old Mr Jefferson would be proud. And then Helly and I followed it up by hiring a rowing boat on the Leam.
Dined with my girls. We caught up and gossiped over a bottle of pink champagne (left over from my birthday 7months ago). Becca cooked.
Brunched with Alex. Lunched with Alasdair.
Despite not seeing a hell of a lot of people, I feel I have maximised my socialising over these past few days. I've spent a lot of the money I earned last week, but it's been worth it because, hell, it's summer! And this is supposed to be the start of my "year out". If I can't enjoy myself now, when can I, eh?

Oops. I nearly slipped up and ended that conversation with a "Love you".
Note to self: You're not allowed to say that anymore.

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