Sunday, 29 June 2008

Army Wives

A few months ago Phyll, Jo and I discovered, and became addicted to, ArmyWives. We watched all 10 or so episodes one after the other on YouTube within about a week. By the time the series had hit British screens we had already seen, and loved, them.

The second series is now airing in America, but it won't be over here for months. For some reason, it hasn't appeared on YouTube, and have only made the first episode available online. That first episode made me bawl my eyes out. Seriously. Phyll and Jo did the same.

This evening I managed to find the second episode and I have, again, cried and cried. I absolutely love it and wish I didn't have to keep hunting for new episodes! I often sniffle a bit at films and TV shows, but I rarely actually shed a tear. However, I'm not joking; ArmyWives made me properly cry... and you'd be a fool for thinking it's because all the army husbands end up dying. It's much more gripping than that!

So, I urge you to do the same. If you've not seen the first series; watch it!

It's going to take me ages to fall asleep now because I have a proper runny nose, and I keep sneezing!


The Unbearable Lightness of Banishment said...

Perhaps Army Wives will act as a counter-balance to all those chick flicks that leave you disappointed. Army Wives isn’t a documentary, but I would think it cuts a lot closer to the bone than your typical chick flick ever will.

Anonymous said...

I love this too! I don't think i managed to see all of the first lot before we moved out to Spain.... i might hunt them down!

rosiewishes. said...

tulob - I think you're right; things don't always end up happily-ever-after in AW. At least, the first season didn't, and the second season hasn't start particularly happily (hence the tears)!

pinkjellybaby - Do it! The first season is awesome and, if these first two episodes are anything to go by, the second season will be just as gripping.

jinni said...

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khushi said...

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