Monday, 22 September 2008

Angry Voice

Ugh, bad day! It was bound to be a bad day after the long, awful weekend I've just had. I'll rant about that later.

This morning:
A mother tried to cause trouble because apparently I'd used the wrong type of plaster on Friday when her daughter cut her knee. How was I supposed to know there was a right and wrong type? I just got the child thrown at me with blood oozing through her tights and told "She might need sorting out, have a look." So I sorted her out.

Today I was told to keep an eye on the 4yr olds playing outside all morning. When it came to Tidy-Up Time I had to use my Angry Voice because bratty boys were fighting with broomsticks. Then when it was tidy one of them kicked over a pile of (neatly stacked) bricks. The class teacher appeared, turned to me and said "You do know it's Tidy-Up Time, don't you?" staring at the heap of bricks at my feet.

I hate Foundation. I hate the 4yr olds. Give them to me when they know left from right and right from wrong.

Updated 5pm:
To top it all off, I discovered a note in my handbag from my mother with "helpful" suggestions on what I should do in the classroom this afternoon . Would the School Secretary normally give a Classroom Assistant lessons on how to do her job?
Not only am I living with my parents, but I'm working with one of them. Anyone think a nervous breakdown is on the horizon?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...even though it`s just a plaster...methinks one of the school`s qualified and designated first aiders should have dealt with that

rosiewishes. said...


In fact, it's caused a big furor because it unearthed some flaws amongst teaching staff. But thankfully it's not me in trouble.