Friday, 26 September 2008


I have 4minutes before my lunchbreak ends, and I'm going away for the weekend so I feel a speedy update is necessary!

I did it again: I went out last night and drank lots. It was Becca's last night in Leamington so it just had to be done! Wetherspoons are in the middle of their Wine Festival at the moment, so a very nice bottle of Chablis was rather cheap. We had 3. As well as the rather expensive bottle of Pinot in the Sausage to kick start the night.

I'm not too hungover... just tired!
But, no rest for the wicked. Hannah is picking me up after work and we're driving to Carlisle. Yep, the other end of the country. It's a friend's birthday so we're surprising her; she thinks I'm going up next weekend. I am, but I'm going this weekend too! Why not? I have nothing keeping me in Leamington at weekends any more. Not now my friends have fled back to uni!

I really really want bed. But I'm in charge of Playdoh this afternoon... I could do with some ProPlus, but it gives me the shakes. I wish my body could handle caffeine!

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