Saturday, 20 September 2008

I'm going to Loooondon, to buy a Heat Magazine!

I'm off to London this morning with my parents and Nanny.
We're off to The Globe. I'm looking forward to it, despite one friend's negative assertions: It's a tourist trap. We're seeing a play noone's heard of (despite it being one of Shakespeare's). It'll be performed by mediocre actors (who will never be as fantastic as those performing Hamlet at the RSC who he went to see).
Well screw you boy; it's a glorious sunny day, I'm wearing pretty clothes that make me feel pretty, and I'm off to the big smoke. I can't be negative when I'm about to hop on a train to my favourite city (despite the fact I feel like I'm there every other week at the moment).

Guess I'd better get Wikipedia-ing!


Rachael said...

But that's the great thing about theatre! You can see the most random play with the most unknown actors and it can be brilliant, or you can wait for months to see something with a big name in and be totally disappointed. I hope King Lear with Pete Postlethwaite next month doesn't disappoint me!

(See, now I've started commenting, I can't stop)

rosiewishes. said...

It was absolutely brilliant!

Pete Postlethwaite will be ace! Is that at the Empire?

Rachael said...

No, it's at the Everyman, it's massively sold out unfortunately, but hopefully it will be ace!