Tuesday, 16 September 2008

You know what...

My statcounter shows me I have quite a few returning visitors. I know you people are out there... and I like it, don't get me wrong. It's just... well... none of you ever comment!

I know you've read my ups and downs, I know you've seen my holiday snaps. I know, that you know (that I know, that she knows, that you know), that I was upset yesterday because of my Grandpa... and still you don't comment. No words of wisdom, no encouraging messages, no "I'm here"s.

Is my writing not at all thought-provoking? Is it really that dull?

Seeing as I have quite a few readers, it can't be that dire. Or maybe you're just all nosey friends attempting to covertly keep track of me? Even if you don't want me to know who you are, you could comment anonymously.

So come on, why don't you comment? You could comment, just this once, and explain why you haven't in the past and don't want to in the future. Just so I know. It's common courtesy, surely?


Anonymous said...

I'll break the ice then. Hello *waves*

Unfortunately I'm not a long time stalker, I only found you a couple of weeks ago.

I know what you mean about people reading and not commenting. It is frustrating to an extent. For me, I read a lot more blogs than I comment on, mainly because I don't feel like I can add anything or I'm worried about sounding like a fool or something.

In saying that though, I know I'd much prefer someone to comment on my blog than not say anything at all - even if it's to tell me to f*** off! hehe. I have been trying to make a conscious effort to comment more as well. I'll try and comment more on here in the future.

I don't have any words of wisdom, but I hope your grandpa gets better soon :)

Anonymous said...

First time - might well be back. Thanks Q

Liz said...

Hi, it's me, and you blatantly know it's me!

I didn't say anything about your grandpa because my nan died last week and it's all a bit meh....sorry, I am thinking of you and your family and know exactly what your going through but didn't really think that I would be the best person for comforting you....but if you do need a chat or whatever then feel free to give me a call as I DO know what it's like having had my nan in hospital for months with a broken hip. It's just that our experience wasn't a positive one so you probably don't want to hear about it!

That and since my course started I have been rushed off my feet - I had 77 pages to read when I got in last night.

Brie said...

Just found your blog for the first time today. Anything I say in sympathy might come across as an empty platitude, but hang in there! Hope your gramdpa is better and out of hospital soon :o)

Hannah said...

A first timer here! But here's a comment for you (not profound, though, I'm afraid).

rosiewishes. said...

cynicalscribble - Thank you! I suppose I read more than I comment on too... it just got to me that NOONE was commenting!
And I'm open to the negative comments I suppose, as long as they're attempting to be constructive and not an outright fuck off!

Anon - You're welcome back any time!

Liz - Hello you! I have to say I'm feeling guilty - I did read about your nan and I didn't comment. I just wasn't sure what to say at the time. So I suppose I've been a bit hypocritical...
Don't forget to give me a bell if/when the workload lessens! My app. is all sent off now!

Brie - I suppose I should welcome you somehow... and thank you for the comment!

Hannah - Profound or not, thank you. My comments on your blog are rather sporadic... but I do enjoy reading it!

Rachael said...

Hi, it's scouse Rachael, from LJ... here's a comment, I have followed you from LJ because I do enjoy your writing, I am just a serial non-commenter, and non-texter, and non-replyer on Facebook... but I am reading and caring!

rosiewishes. said...

Ah, it's nice to know SOMEONE followed me from LJ... I was worried I'd been ditched for making the move!

...and I'm SO jealous you're in Liv right now!

Anonymous said...

Well you know I still read your blog, and I think I've commented a couple of times, I've been pretty rubbish in general at commenting lately though. I do hope your Grandad gets well soon.

ayemiy said...

I'm a nosey friend covertly keeping track of you. Nuffin wrong with that :p