Sunday, 14 September 2008

Such confusion.

Why is it that when I go out with Alasdair everything goes a bit awry and I wake with a sore head and limited memory of the night?
Why does he still come out with me when I usually end up owing him an apology in the morning?
Why do I have an innate desire to wind him up and do stupid things in some kind of attempt to see how far I can push him?

Last night was fun. But I'm not entirely sure exactly what happened towards the end.

It turned out that none of my girl friends could make it, so just Alasdair and I went to Coventry. We drank a bottle of wine before leaving his flat, then another bottle with our meal, and another bottle in the bar next door. So three bottles of wine between the two of us before we'd even left Leamington... the night was doomed from the start!

It was fantastic to see Sian and I loved her brother's music. It turned out that he's, like, best buds with Rob Thomas and has had backstage passes for the whole of his tour and if only he'd known I liked him so much I could have gone along. Damn it! But then he did tell me to get back in my box because he's happily married with an adorable son and, apparently, home-wrecking is not cool. Double damn it.

Why have my parents chosen to play a BirdSong digital radio channel all day in the kitchen? I feel like I'm living in a wood. Or an aviary.


Anonymous said...

I personally feel that homewrecking is perfectly acceptable when it comes to Rob Thomas. Surely his wife should know it's rude not to share!

rosiewishes. said...


And I just found out that the son isn't even from this marriage. If he can have one step-mom he can get his head round 2, surely?