Sunday, 2 November 2008

Cats and Ski

I've been attempting to write about what I've been up to over the last week. Because last night's short, exhausted post doesn't really do it any justice. I've had a fab time! But I've done so much, so writing about it would take forever, and it'll only really be interesting for me to read. Like, Dear Diary...then I did this...and that... and I hate those kinds of posts.

My induction day yesterday has left me really optimistic about going away. Everyone was lovely... there was slight lack of menfolk but I'm sure there will be enough in the resort who are working for different companies. I much prefer working with guys and really need male company sometimes. But yes, noone seemed to be overtly annoying and most people seemed pretty similar to me.

I decided not to join in with the drinking of free wine afterwards... Instead I opted to head back home to give Caroline the send-off she deserves with the other girls. I'd only slept 4hrs the previous night - and Induction Day was 9am-6pm! - so I was pretty exhausted but slept for an hour on the train and then faked livliness for the rest of the evening. Mind over matter... with a bit of help from tequila.

So now Caroline has flown out to Canada, leaving me slightly lonesome in Leamington. It's been strange living here without everyone else, but now my last homegirl has left me... And I've nearly exhausted my university visits about the country. I'm sure I'll survive. It's probably a good thing because it'll give me time to sort my life out and get packed for when I leave.

The countdown really has begun now. They showed us some awesome videos at Induction and I'm just itching to get out there now...

PS. Hallowe'en was awesome; I visited Genever and we went out in Camden dressed as cats.

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