Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Run, Forest


I know that's not normally something to shout about but it's really bloomin' good news as far as I'm concerned!
Over the summer I spent a week in the Lake District with the OTC for Adventurous Training (cycling, kayaking, hillwalking, climbing). By the end of the week I was seriously wanging (a term coined by home friends for someone who drags one leg behind them). I didn't know what was wrong, but my hip was painful. I carried on regardless and just over-dosed on Ibuprofen. When I returned home it pained me to go shopping... and when something gets in the way of me spending money there must be a problem, so I wanged myself to the doctors.

The doctor ended up giving me a prescription for anti-inflammatories and banned me from running and walking long distances for 5weeks. Five bloody weeks?! I really love running... which is really very strange because when in school I faked my mum's signature so many times to get out of PE the teacher wouldn't have recognised a legitimate signature. University somehow helped the sportsman in me make an appearance. I love being able to get away from everything with a good long run... But for five weeks I had to resign myself to swimming and the odd bit of cycling.

Last week I finally finished my prescription and have been worrying for the past few days about whether or not to test my hip out. I don't want it to mess up again because I leave the country soon (incase you'd missed me mentioning it in every other post) and the doctor threatened steroid injections if the tablets didn't work.

Well - touch-wood/fingers-crossed - it seems to be ok! Mum went swimming while I went on a run through Warwick and it was really bloody good. My hip didn't die on me, and I don't seem to have lost much fitness because of all the swimming I've been doing.

Can I get a woop woop? (Someone please remind me to never search for Woop Woop on YouTube again)

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