Thursday, 6 November 2008


So when I was in Liverpool last week, I managed to cram my day with meet and greets. I met (and gret) Ciaran, The Barrister, The LabTech, Griff+Baby, went to a party with the old OTC crowd and stayed at Crystal & Tom's posh flat. It was exhausting, but absolutely worthwhile. Leaving university has left me not only missing those who were nearest and dearest, but those people that were constantly in the background of my life.

Ciaran, The Barrister, The LabTech and Griff couldn't be 4 more different men.

Ciaran and I had been seeing eachother on and off for the whole 3yrs I was at university. How the hell we met I really cannot remember. Take 2: I just looked him up in my old journal; we met one night in a club. We were both having shit, nearly sober nights and got chatting. Since that day we've been on numurous "dates", never slept together, and both had various boy/girlfriends that neither of us ever met. We'd happily turn up at each others' houses at silly hours in the morning just because we knew we could.
So he got in touch and I fitted him into my Meet & Greets. He wanted to take me for dinner, but I persuaded him that just a few drinks would be fine. Conversation flowed. I realised again how well we get on, but also I realised how uncompatible we are. I can't escape the fact that I don't find him particularly physically attractive, and my days of dating guys with a penchant for coke are long gone.
After saying our goodbyes I wandered off up the street with a skip in my step and a smile on my face. He'd made me feel attractive again; he'd treated me like a princess and we'd flirted. It feels like it's been an age since I had a good flirt. He txt to say he'd had a lovely time, but then added a line on the end to make me stop dead in my tracks; "I'm taking you out to dinner next time..." - no, that wasn't what made me stop - it was "I'm taking you out for dinner next time Chuckles". Who the hell calls someone Chuckles?? It absolutely ruined it. Chuckles??
So I kind of left it at that. I know it's a silly little thing, but I found it really strange. He got in touch couple of days later to see how my Induction Day went, but Chuckles hasn't let me feeling particularly upset about not seeing him for 6months...

The Barrister, The LabTech and Griff can wait til another day.

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