Saturday, 8 November 2008


I miss everyone.

After last nights 'turmoil' I needed girly chats. I spoke to Crystal on the phone briefly, but Phylli & I kept missing each other. I txt Caroline in Canada. I have a new friend at work, Charlotte. We gossip while we're on lunchtime duty (dinnerlady time), but today I went home for dinner and so we couldn't properly talk. Every time we passed in the corridor she'd tell me she was excited to know what had happened - I'd talked to her about it the day before so she was expecting a good gossip today! But... it didn't happen.

I just really needed a glass of pinot and someone to laugh at me. That's how I make myself feel better; I take the piss out of myself. But there's noone here to do that with.

I want my girls.

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