Thursday, 20 November 2008

London baby, yeah!

So I headed down to London yesterday morning, armed with a folder full of news stories relating to education to read on the train. I got into New Cross station an hour earlier than anticipated because vastly overestimates their journey times. I suppose early is better than late... So I sat in the sunshine, read over their prospectus, and made a nerve-settling phonecall to Becca!
The interview went fabtastically; very relaxed, lots of nods and smiles, and I cold see him ticking boxes on his sheet. And at one point he shouted Bingo! which can only be seen as a good thing, right?

So how does Equal Opportunities transpire in the classroom?
Well, for instance, when asking children to draw self portraits, you make sure there are various 'skin coloured' crayons on the table and not just pink or white ones.
BINGO! Nail on head, Rosie!

Judging by today's news of an offer, it really did go well!

The interview lasted only 45minutes so I was out by 12.30 and my only other plan was to meet someone at 5pm when she finished work. So... I spent three hours in the V&A! I got completely lost, wandered round in circles, totally on my own, in my own little world. Loved it. I was there for 3hrs and didn't even visit the main exhibition - it cost money and there was more than enough to keep me entertained. Realising I'd never been (yet seen the film plenty of times), I ventured to Notting Hill in the dark, stared in a few quirky shop windows and stopped myself from going in and buying anything. I need to stop spending money, you see.

At around half 5, after being asked 3 times by the same man whether or not I wanted "free promotional condoms, I managed to find Sophie at Waterloo station.
Soph and I go way back. We were best friends throughout secondary school... we got caught skiving together, we had our first hangovers together, we bought our first bong together, we got suspended together. And then we went to different colleges and became totally different people. It could be a sad story, but it's really not. I love her to bits, but I know that we are now very different to how we were.

She's now living in London; working for Miss Selfridge as some high-flying, art-directing, personal assistiting, fashion styling something-or-other, and loving it. We were both always going to end up in London... Ever since we hit Oxford Street on her 14th birthday... and very soon we'll both be there!

Whoever says a night out in London will leave me empty pocketed is a liar... I spent nothing! Sophie bought the first bottle and a drunk man thrust £20 into my hand and demanded I let him pay for our second! After seeing his warrant card and realising we were surrounded by 15 police men (albeit drunk police men), I decided I couldn't really say no and gladly accepted his alcoholic offering! However, bearing in mind that I have an inability to remember to eat, it proably wasn't the best idea to meet for drinks rather than dinner... We got through our two bottles of vino and all I'd had to eat was a bowl of cereal and a tangerine - oops.

I'm amazed I managed to get home to be honest... I only have vague memories of being on the tube, and only really remember sleeping on the train (yet I apparently managed to have multiple drunk conversations with Phyll). I discovered this morning that I'd managed to buy a huge bottle of Vittel water, and Heat magazine - I suppose I've bought much more ludicrous things when drunk before!

I also discovered this morning that Steve and I had sent a few texts between us... my last ending with "miss you". Cringe. Although I do miss him very much, I should know not to stir that all up again!


Anonymous said...

About a year ago I spent an afternoon wandering round the V&A, it was really interesting.

It made a change to actually go in, rather than walk past as I usually do.

Anonymous said...

Well done on the offer!

rosiewishes. said...

TPS - It's huuuge isn't it?? It's a complete maze I could (and did) get lost for hours...

Soupy - Thanks!