Sunday, 2 November 2008

Wednesday - Liverpool (Mess and house party with the old OTC crew)
Thursday - Will for drinks, Ciaran for drinks, Griff for a catch up, home to Leam'
Friday - London with Gen (House party and Camden. Dressed as a cat.)
Saturday - France Job Induction Day (9am - 6pm with a hangover) followed by Caroline's goodbye meal and night out (with tequila tequila tequila)

I AM DEAD ON MY FEET. Never have I had to leave a club due to such sheer exhaustion.


ayemiy said...

ROW! Post your "obscene" piccies. I am morbidly curious. and pervy.

rosiewishes. said...

This (don't click it anyone who doesn't want to see a penis) is the one they deleted... it was in an album full of naked guys with hands over their willies! I didn't even contemplate that it might be a naughty thing to do. But gosh, imagine if I got kicked off Facebook!