Thursday, 18 September 2008

And the award for most fashionable Teaching Assistant goes to...

According to an 8yr old called Bryony; I looked very pretty today.

You'd think that would be a compliment, but the surprised look accompanying the comment left me rather disheartened. I worked with Bryony's class last year and, judging by the shock on her face, apparently this is the first time she's noticed I'm a girl, and the first time I've looked good.

My shoes also got a a fair few compliments from other members of staff. One even asked what size I am as if she were about to ask if she could try them on.

I feel like I deserve a gold star, or a Well Done sticker.

I mean, yippee! - I have shoes that make middle-aged mumsy-types jealous, and I've finally managed to impress Yr3! C'mon!!


surviving myself said...

Here is a silver star. It's the best I could do, since I give all the gold stars to myself.

rosiewishes. said...

Thanks... but well done you. I'm sure you deserved the gold!

Liz said...

haha! I got that...I wore my glasses one day and one of the girls said "you look funny today" and then the next day said "you look nicer again today."

They were all constantly touching my shoes and when I wore my hair up (nits alert) I was told I had nice ears.

I love kids.

BlackLOG said...
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BlackLOG said...

I always clung to the faint hope that I would get better looking with age. Sadly nature and gravity are working overtime to destroy this delusion

As for Gold Stars, I have recently taken up Yoga, far from getting Gold stars I appear to be the little (if only) kid at the back who gets everything wrong and is used as an example by the teacher of how not to do things.

rosiewishes. said...

Well... then surely you'll get some kind of sticker with "God Loves A Trier" on it or something??

I can't do yoga. I blame it on the fact I fractured a vertebrae a few years ago, but I think it's probably because I'm totally inflexible.