Friday, 19 September 2008

The dutiful daughter.

How do people cope living at home with their parents? Especially after they've already lived on their own? I'm counting down the days til I escape to France!

Last night Mum did what I do; she escaped. She got annoyed with Dad, and so got in her car and drove off. She refused to answer her phone and wouldn't reply to my txts. I knew she woudln't have gone far, but I didn't want to wander off into the night in search of her. She came back, of course.

This afternoon Dad had a go at me for not taking a job as being a Dinner Lady for one day. I said it wasn't worth it; an hours work, an hours pay, for wiping tables and forcing kids to eat carrots. He told me I had to be seen to be looking for work or he'd start charging me rent... Yea, lets forget that I've worked every day this week, and lets forget that I'm not actually getting any time to myself this weekend because I'm entertaining Nanny in London on Saturday and visiting Grandpa in hospital on Sunday. What a dutiful Granddaughter I am.

I wish I could just screw them over and actually be the useless daughter they treat me as.
But I have this ridiculous inherent loyalty that indefinitely attaches me to people (and inanimate objects - I hoard). It means I stick to close friends no matter how much shit they put me through (Bash), I find it nearly impossible to break away from ex-boyfriends (Ben, Steve) and I still respect my parents, despite the crap they throw at me now and whatever happened in the past.

H quite happily gets on with her life without this same problem, so it can't be in my genes!

My Jeans:

[I don't have my tattoo... So that picture must be at least 4yrs old now!]


Rachael said...

I'm not coping at all... the sooner we can get out the better. I keep showing them all these articles from The Times and the like, about how to handle grown up children who return to live at home. It hasn't helped.

rosiewishes. said...

Ooh, post them to me!
I may start a Going To France Countdown... 2months and 5days, lol.

Anonymous said...

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