Friday, 24 October 2008

An addition to the rains/pours posts.

Oh for fucks sake. I just keep having to add to these rains/pours posts.
I'm not trying to boast, or list the many men hankering for my attention. Because, in all honesty, they don't usually play such a role. Just, for some reason, these menfolk have suddenly decided to make an appearance in my life. It seems the knowledge that I'll be leaving the country has instigated a bout of last-minute dashes to say goodbye.

Not only did Ciaran invite me on a Liverpudlian dinner date but The Barrister, on hearing that I'll be visiting Merseyside, suggested we meet for lunch. He might be free. I've not seen him since... dissertation deadline time, when we met for coffee -5 months ago? And since then I've suspected he's had a girlfriend; judging by the holiday snaps of him and a brunette on Facebook. But we have such a funny relationship that I'm not sure it would strike him to tell me if he started seeing someone. We've dated, but never kissed, ergo, A Funny Relationship.

Whilst on the subject of men, and men in relationships; the guy with the girlfriend has just told me he's coming back to Leamington next week and has asked if I'll be available for lunch. Now I know I should say no because if I've told him to dump [his] girlfriend before trying it on with me once, I've told him a thousand times. But there's always that sucker in me that finds him slightly irrestible. However, part of me also knows that I love the power trip of saying NO. So I'll probably let him pay for lunch and then enjoy telling him to get lost.

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