Monday, 20 October 2008

When it rains, it pours.

This is panning out to be a very interesting week. For some reason people are surprising me and getting in touch without any prompting from me...

This afternoon I had a txt from Palmer, followed by a phonecall. And for the first time in, like, ever, he didn't make me do that heart-stoppage thing. I really do feel differently about him now. I think I've finally got it into my head that I can't let him screw me over.

Later on in the afternoon I had a txt from Jas asking if I wanted to go for sushi with her tomorrow. She cancelled on me last week after a death in the family, and it really is about time we had a good catch-up. I always feel like it's me doing the chasing so it was reassuring to hear from her.

This evening Alasdair came round for wine, TV and chat. It was very lovely and rather out of the blue; I was expecting a night in with me and my baking.

I just went on Facebook and discovered a message from Akilah; an old friend from university. She suddenly realised she'd not heard from anyone in a while and so got in touch to find out what we were all up to.

And then, the strangest of them all; I just went on MSN (which I've not been on since I was about 15) and started a conversation with Tom (I would put a link, but it's been years since I wrote about him!). I've not spoken to him in three years, despite our ridiculously dramatic involvement in each others' love lives during the last 2yrs of school. Anyone who's read this over the years may remember him as the one I cheated on Alex with, or the reason Ben broke up with me? Well, we decided to meet up tomorrow for drinks... So that shall be interesting!

Also, one of the women at work came in today all excited. Telling me she really needed to talk to me. At lunch time she grabbed me and said she had a friend "who does motorcross" who, apparently, "really needs a lovely girl". She asked if she could set us up and I said no. Firstly, motorcross scares me, and secondly, I'm not looking for a guy... I leave the country in just over a month!

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