Monday, 27 October 2008

What I learnt this weekend...

Fantastically, when searching YouTube for that video, I noticed someone had commented "to see this film you must be drunk, 10 year old or totally idiot" - ignoring the bad grammar - guess which one we were?!

So, what I learnt this weekend was; if you watch High School Musical when you're drunk with two of your best friends, it is the start of a fantastic night! You see, Hinny and Phyll visited this weekend. It was fab. The wine began flowing at lunchtime when I met them off their train; it was just like old times! We took mini wine bottles into the cinema and had the best time. We sang, we clapped, we danced... It's the ultimate feelgood film, and I'm grinning right now as I think about it.

The night that followed was just as fun. I went to Mink for the first time, despite vowing to boycott the pretentious bar (members only and a swimming pool, really?) It wasn't as bad as anticipated, but it was full of pretentious types who were too busy chatting sedately to actually enjoy themselves. Instead, we left and visited a bar I used to frequent when I was 15... Purely because by this time we were hyped up after HSM3, full of alcohol, and in need of somewhere to dance/do silly things. It hadn't changed at bit, and it was heaving with Leamington's gangsta-chav population. Ace. So, of course, we had a fun-filled time pretending that we knew the words to various hip-hop choons and Whoomp (There it is!).

We carried on to various bars, and ended the night in a rather disappointing Smack. But I was too drunk by that point to really care... To make the night end with a bit more of a boom, Hinny fell down the stairs! Despite others gasping and rushing to her aid, Phyll and I could only watch on in hysterical laughter! Of course, Hinny joined in, seeing the funny side of it and, thanks to vodka, she didn't feel the pain until she awoke the morning after with step-shaped bruises down her legs...

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