Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Happy Days

Oh today has been fantastic!
Since I started working at School, I've really loved every day. I've come home tired, but I've never come home not wanting to go back. So it's a sure sign that this is what I'm meant to do, isn't it?

Wednesdays are my favourite days in school. Wednesdays are when I'm left to my own devices for half an hour; just me and the kids. I'm generally told what to do - handwriting practice - but they're my lessons. This morning I got my glorious half an hour and I managed to get the class behaving perfectly. When their teacher nipped in to collect something she found them sat at their desks, in near silence, beavering away. It was ace, and I felt so proud. The french teacher was running late, so I managed to have a bit of extra time with them and got the class singing... I was in my element!

I had this afternoon off so I managed to sort my life out a bit. I organised meetings with banks, got waxed (with my new favourite waxist!), and got in a bit of retail therapy. I cycled to and from the town centre... Since the doctor forbid me from running for four months I've really craved some form of exercise. I'm only allowed to cycle or swim until I've gulped down my monster pack of anti-inflammatories. But, after this afternoon, I can at least be seen in my swimming costume without having a Miranda moment!

And tonight (Matthew) I'm going to be... Drinking lots of white wine with my lady friends!

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