Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Exceptionnel Spending

I’m trying to sleep but I can’t. My head is whirring. I think it’s a mixture of a) realising today that I leave the country in only a month’s time and b) staying in bed far too long this morning. I can’t remember when I had a proper lie-in and my body just isn’t used to it. Despite it being half term, my alarm is set for 8am tomorrow morning - I need my routine back.

I spoke to Caroline on the phone earlier today. She’s panicking because she recently discovered she had the start-date wrong for her job in Canada. She’s had to shift her flights forward a week and now has one week to prepare herself, instead of the fortnight she had planned everything into. What a nightmare! However, it’s given me a bit of a kick up the bum because, so far, I’ve ticked off about 2 of my million To Dos.

So as I’ve been lying in bed in the dark and failing to sleep I’ve been thinking about shopping. About ski season shopping, to be precise. And wondering how the fuck I’m going to pay for everything. After a bit of mental arithmetic I realised there is no way I can afford half of what I want. Cuts are going to have to be made.

But... well, I can’t cut out a new pair of GHDs. I know, I know, I should probably buy a cheaper pair of straightners. But cheaper pairs don’t compare. I have thick hair, so it takes a good pair to straighten it. It’s also in a short bob at the moment and it takes styling to get it to sit right. When I’m in The Alps I’ll be starting work early and I’ll be expected to be well presented. So, in conclusion, a decent pair of straightners is a need, not a want, and so cannot be removed from the list despite their £100 price tag. Agreed?

I’m not buying a ski jacket til I’m out there on the advice of friends who worked last season. Firstly, it’ll cut down on packing, and secondly, I’ll want to buy one when I’m out there anyway. Instead I’m buying myself a nice gilet... but I guess the Jack Wills one I really want is too pricey, as is the classic black North Face one...

I’ve decided not to buy myself some new perfume despite really wanting/needing some. My current bottle now contains just a dribble at the bottom, but I’ve managed to talk myself into making it last. And anyway, really, a girl shouldn’t have to buy her own perfume, should she? It’s just a shame I don’t have anyone to buy it for me... And I have a horrid feeling that my Xmas and B’day presents this year will be mostly in the form of Euros {except for my present from Phylli, which I am very excited about and haven’t been shaking to work out what it is, honest}.

Then there’s that Chanel mascara... Mandy gave me a sample of Chanel’s Exceptionnel when I visited her in Bath and, well, it really is exceptional and I’m not entirely sure I can resist buying it. Even though I know I really shouldn’t. But, as above; no one else is going to but it for me!

On top of all that, gloves, baselayers, socks, sunglasses and goggles must be bought. And I don’t really want to buy cheap ones because if I do that I’ll just buy expensive replacements when I’m there and I’ll end up spending silly amounts! So... it’s a good job I opened that graduate bank account, isn’t it? And it’s also pretty handy that the school I’ve been working at for the past 5weeks just got in touch and asked if I’d carry on working for them until I leave! {Replacing the Yr2 Teaching Assistant who unfortunately – but fortunately for me – fell down her stairs... YEAR TWO! Which means I get to teach my half hour lesson once a week, and *fingers crossed* avoid the Foundation child who pooed his pants four times last week.}

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