Monday, 13 October 2008

The De-Sashing of Press-Up Preston

I need to stop spending money... This weekend I spent about £40 on train tickets, £70 on food and drink, and over £60 shopping in Bath. It's really not good... but... I'm earning, and not paying rent, so it's not as bad as it could be. I'm blaming it on the fact that it's been ages since anyone's given me a present, haha. That's what sucks about having a Christmas birthday - I only get presents once a year. As a child, I never understood why other people had a birthday and a Christmas.

I love giving presents. This weekend I bought Becca's Christmas present, and I already have bits and bobs for my parents. Before you think it's absolutely ridiculous that I've already started thinking about Christmas, I'll remind you that I'm leaving the country in November and I don't want to have to post presents from France. So I have to buy early. I also hate buying presents for the sake of buying presents. You know, when you shop for a gift because you're supposed to give someone something. I hate setting out with the desire to buy "a present"; I'd rather see something in a shop and buy it knowing that it'll be a great gift for someone. I-Saw-This-And-Thought-Of-You-presents.

Like the last present I got Steve... I saw it (Press-Up Preston) and thought of him, so I had to get it. It wasn't his birthday, and there was no need for it. And like the kaleidoscope I got H a few months ago. Steve and I were at a Navy museum and I remembered H's love for kaleidoscopes when we were little, so I bought it and popped it in the post.
But but but, I'm not writing any of this so that someone will read it and give me a present! I've bought myself enough things already!

On a totally different note... I've discovered the most fantastic (and grotesque) programme ever. It's called Crowned, and I love it. Has anyone seen it?? It's and American programme on Channel 4 and, apparently, it's "The mother of all pageants". Mother and daughter teams compete each week in a pageant-style competition. At the end of each episode a team is de-sashed by the judges. It's fantastic - one of the other competitors has to take The De-Sashing Scissors (which are huge and encrusted with multicoloured gems - not tacky at all) and cut through the losing teams sash, as everyone around them sobs. The next episode starts with the other teams mourning the loss of "such beautiful people"... then they get over it and start bitching/strutting/pouting again.

I've just watched three episodes on 4oD in hysterics. Dad joined me for the last one and we mocked it together. If only Mumma and I could compete... Ha!

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