Sunday, 23 November 2008


My head hurts and I can still taste tequila. I really do feel rough. I remember making myself sick at some point last night - that's never a good thing, is it? That's probably why I feel so vile today.

Despite my epic hangover, I managed to spend over £60 in Boots. 20 of that was paid for using Boots points - genius, eh? And because I spent such a ridiculous amount, I got £10 worth of points back on my card. So when I come back from France, someone remind me to spend that... Is there a Boots in France? Maybe it's called Bottes.

I came home to discover my father had downloaded a film onto my laptop, which lead to a huge argument. How dare he use my computer without asking?! He could have just called and asked! And how dare he download 1.5Gb onto it?! It could have been riddled with all kinds of nasty stuff.
I don't really have much on here to hide... There are un-posted blog entries, photos a father shouldn't see and some personal bits 'n' bobs. Thankfully I have two profiles; one which is password protected and one that's not, so there wasn't really much he could do. But that's not the point.
He didn't see the problem and went off on one about how he lets me use his computer... the family computer. And then ranted for a while about it being his fridge and his food. Ugh, wanker. Me and my laptop will only be imposing on him for 5 more days anyway!


Anonymous said...

That is precisely why I like living on my own!

ayemiy said...

1.5 GB? Holy moley.

Jackie said...

LOL - his fridge, his food, he was on the back foot there Rosie!!