Monday, 24 November 2008


This afternoon I got implanted. I don't mean that, do I? I mean, I had an implant.

After reading Ayemiy's blogpost a while ago (gosh, it must be well over a year??) when she got hers, I've been intrigued. I had a poke at hers, and it really is very strange feeling it under the skin, but it seemed to make complete sense. However, with two-ings and fro-ings between Liverpool and Leamington, I never found the right time to get mine... until today!

Despite the doctor not anaesthetising me properly the first time, and the strange sensation when she actually put it in (pressure, and a kind of tugging at my skin, but no pain), it was quite a nice experience! There was me, a female nurse, a female doctor, and a female student doctor, all just having a nice girly time. Laughs and giggles and lady-talk.

It slightly settled some of my fears about France... At the induction day it was 90% female, which thoroughly scared me because I much prefer working with guys. Girls are usually so bitchy and less fun; you can have banter with guys; a bit of healthy flirting. But I suppose we're not all bad, and I just hope I find some girls I can click with. [And then my first-day-of-school fears rear their ugly head and I start to worry that noone will like me, noone will be like me, and I'll end up lonely... ah!]

It was also interesting trying to explain the implant to my mum... No, it's not because I want to be an absolute whore while I'm in France. It just makes sense.


ayemiy said...

and also so you don't need to worry about a repeat pill prescription whilst you're there ... :)

rosiewishes. said...

C'est parfait!