Monday, 3 November 2008

Make Or Break Time

Ooh I'm all in a flap!

As you may have gathered; I want to be a teacher. And I really want to study for my PGCE at Goldsmiths, in London. However, there is a major flaw in my plan: Goldsmiths conduct their interviews in December and I leave to work in France at the end of November. I thought it would be ok... I submitted my application at the earliest opportunity. A friend knew she had her place at Warwick by the end of last November, so I hoped Goldsmiths would be able to let me know also.

After submitting my aplication I called and emailed the head of PGCE admissions for Goldsmiths and left multiple messages. I was hoping to explain my predicament and get an earlier interview. When he eventually got in touch with me I was working and Mum answered my phone. He advised I called back at the start of November, but didn't think it would be fair on other applicants if I got an early interview(?). He said he might have to call me when I'm in France to conduct a telephone interview(?!).

So... I called him today and had a chat with him. At first he said he didn't have my application, but then we discovered that someone had just copied my surname out wrong. FFS! My timing was perfect as he'd had the first batch of applications sent to him this morning and so it was sat on his desk when I called.

Basically, I'm all in a flap because he is deciding right now whether or not he wants to offer me an interview. Crrrrrap! He said that, if they interview me, he's going to try to do it before I go away - which is even more stressful because that means it'll be in the next 3weeks!

This PGCE means so much to me. It really is totally what I want to do with my life, and Goldsmiths is where I really want to do it. I felt like I totally fitted in there when I went to visit. I was thinking, and realised that if I got sacked for returning from France to go to an interview I would absolutely do it without a second thought. And that's slightly crazy because I'm really really looking forward to working this season.

Fingers crossed for me please...


Anonymous said...

*crosses fingers and toes*

Hope it works out ok :)

rosiewishes. said...

Sorry to be a pain but if you wouldn't mind keeping them crossed for a while longer... I have no idea when I'll hear back from him and it's driving me crazy!!

Trainee teacher said...

Dont get too stressed about the actual interview. You seem to have lots of experience and ideas... Make sure you read up on some of the current initiatives and debates though... Every Child matters, The Primary national strategy for literacy and numeracy, current debates on sex and relationships education and if you really want to impress them Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning and the new foreign language strategy.

Biggest thing people I was interviewed with said was that they didnt know enough about 'Current educational issues'- you dont need to know masses about each one though, just read some news articles on them so you know what they are and what the issues are....

Hope that helps and good luck!

Blue soup said...

Today Ed Balls and Beverley Hughes are attending a conference on extended schools, that;s nice a topical!

rosiewishes. said...

TT - It's not really the interview that's stressing me... It's whether or not they're even going to give me an interview!

BlueSoup - It's been noted, don't worry!