Friday, 14 November 2008


I'm not in the mood to write a proper post, but I'm watching Children In Need and feel the need to jot some bits down.

There is a Pudsey Bear perfume?? Does it make you smell like a bear? Or maybe a needy child?

I absolutely adore Terry Wogan but I can't help thinking it's time he gave up this presenting lark. He doesn't seem to be particularly on top of things this year.

I made little yellow Pudsey ears for half the staff at school today. The kids loved it. My hangover didn't!

Fearne Cotton is presenting... I discovered whilst watching the MTV EMAs that Katy Perry is nearly as annoying as Fearne Cotton. How many (stupid) outfit changes did she need?

The Sugababes look strangely swollen. Curvy in tight dresses. It's possibly because they came on the stage after the stick-like Girls Aloud. I want to pop them with a pin.

According to Midlands Today, women only watch Top Gear because they fancy Richard Hammond. I don't.

Aw... McFly...


Blue soup said...

I think we're all watching Children in Need tonight!

Bugger going out and getting trashed on a Friday. Where are me slippers and hot choccie? I'll have curlers in my hair next...

chocoholiclola said...

Katy Perry is the most annoying person on this earth. I don't mind Fearne Cotton!

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to agree with your thoughts about Sir Terry. But I think he is the face of Children in Need and so will be there a long time.

rosiewishes. said...

Blue - Friday nights are for the middle-aged... Midweek drinking is where it's at!

Laura - Fearne is SO irritating! I can't listen to her on the radio anymore.

Perpetual - I love him, especially on Eurovision, and I agree that he'll probably still be doing it for a while. I just worry that he'll push it for too long.