Tuesday, 19 August 2008


On a different note; I keep forgetting to eat. Like, seriously.
Without someone there to remind me, I just forget about food.
When I do eat, I eat properly. I probably eat too much.

Like, now; I've not eaten since about 7pm last night. I suppose I am hungry, but I don't really fancy anything. I've happily gone through my day, pottering about, and forgetting about food. The only thing I can really say I fancy right now is some bread I bought yesterday. But even then, it's not tempting me enough to end this fast.

Malnutrition is so not a good look.

I think I just need a chef to cook for me and plonk food in front of me when it's meal time. Hey, if I get my job in the Alps I suppose that's what will happen! Speaking of which... they said they'd let me know today whether or not I've got the job. It's past 4pm and I've not heard a peep.
No news is good news? Crap.

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