Wednesday, 20 August 2008


After complaining yesterday that they'd not been in touch, I re-checked my Inbox and discovered an email from Scott Dunn offering me the job I wanted! Woop! I've not heard back from the other company yet, but I don't want the job even if they offer it me. Scott Dunn pays substantially more, it's a nicer working environment, and the company appealed to me so much more. I AM SO EXCITED!
The only possible downside is that they've offered me a place at Courchevel instead of Merribel. But it's only the resort next door, and I've not been to either; I was just going on the recommendation of a friend.

So screw you parents who had no faith in my ski season plans!

Hillariously, I have just received an email from the other company saying that, unfortunately, they can't offer me a job. Ha! I don't want your job! It's rather funny that the job that demanded the least skill; the job that paid the least, don't want me. Maybe it came across in interview that I'd already decided I didn't want to work for them... or maybe they overheard me and another girl in the waiting room discussing how a) she didn't like working with the public, and b) how you've got to "elaborate" slightly on CVs because everyone else does. Mm, maybe that was it.
Although it means I can't tell them where to go, which sucks.

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