Thursday, 21 August 2008

Our Flight is in less than 16hrs!

I absolutely bloody detest packing. I thought I'd got used to it; you'd think I would have. This year I've been all over the bloody country... Liverpool, Leamington, Lancaster, Doncaster, Norfolk, York, Manchester, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Brighton, London, Cornwall, Dundee, Nottingham - gosh, I've never really worked out a list!

I even bought a lovely little zebra-print carry case to make the packing process easier. It's gone everywhere with me, and I love the case, but I still can't stand packing.

So Caroline is coming over sometime this evening to add her stuff to my bag. We decided to cheapen our flights by only taking one suitcase between the two of us. It seemed a good idea at the time, and it saved us £16, but now I just wish we'd spent the money. I want to take too much stuff, and I want to pack in my own time (i.e. at 2am tonight when I'm really panicking).

Fuck it. Why don't we just pay the £16 and take my whole wardrobe?

Oh, that's why; because RyanAir don't answer their booking line telephones!

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