Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Growing-Up Backwards

Okay, okay, I'll update. I can you all on my StatCounter, wondering where I've disappeared to!

I took Tess to H in Nottingham. She's still there now and the house seems horribly empty. Just when we were starting to bond again, she goes on holiday. Yeah... I'm talking about the dog! I usually come home from uni and kind of dismiss her; she's not the bouncy puppy she was before I left. She's fat (thanks to the parents mal-care), can barely walk (because she's 14 - 98 in dog years!), and has lumps, bumps, and old-dog problems. A nerve is firing wrongly somewhere, because every now and then she does this spazzy thing with her head!
But, bless her, the more time I've spent looking after her, the more I've realised that she still is that same puppy. And every now and then she springs to life and wants to play fight, or chase her tail, or juggle grapes across the kitchen floor.

Nottingham was ace. I met H's new work friends, and I thought she seemed genuinely happier than I've seen her in a long while. I'm sure she's growing up backwards; she managed to be the most sensible student I ever encountered and now, as she settles down and cracks the World Of Work, she starts to party more and discover a liking for sambucca.
I just think that next time I need to neck my drinks a bit faster, because when H gets drunk before me I can't seem to get as wasted. It's not that it's her, it's just that whenever someone else seems drunker than me, I end up feeling like I have to somehow look after them. Even when they clearly don't need looking after.
Regardless of my near-sobriety, I had a fantastic evening. I loved the company, and felt happier as happy can be to have such a sister.

Photos to follow, when I have the desire to upload them!

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