Friday, 15 August 2008


Am I single? I don't actually know.

Steve and I broke up on Summer Camp. We talked for a good long time, involving lots of tears, but the conclusion was that we shouldn't be together. And seeing as it was the 3rd time we broke up, we both knew that that meant it was the last time.
But then we spent the whole of Cadet Camp together. We spent two weeks in each others' pockets, having great sex and, despite the squabbles and serious talks, I loved it. Absolutely loved it.
Facebook says we're still together and I don't want to change that.
I miss him like hell and wish he was here with me now. We talk every day on the phone like any long-distance couple would.

BUT... I'm going away for 5months. He lives in Lancaster and I live in Leamington. We have the ability to make each other absolutely miserable, and we blow most arguments totally out of proportion.

I don't feel single. I suppose I don't want to be single. I won't really be single until I'm no longer in love with Steve, and God knows what's going to happen for that to come about.

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