Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Time After drunken Time...

Wine + ABBA + VodBull before an interview = BAD NEWS

Why is it that these things only become clear after you've done it??

Actually, I don't feel too bad, but that's probably because I'm still a bit drunk and the hangover hasn't quite kicked in yet. A sausage sarnie and a bike-ride to the station might help me out. And because I was very organised yesterday, I now know where the office is that I'm heading to and how long it'll take me to get there. So there'll be no need to panic about getting to this interview too early (like I did yesterday).

Yesterday's went fabtastically. Like, seriously. If I don't get it I will really be confused. She was lovely and we got on so well. Instead of properly interviewing me she took me to a bar for a drink, and we managed to chat endlessly. I think the only thing really holding me back is my experience, but she told me to just brush up on waitressing before I go to training. This means my family and friends are going to be treated to silver service breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 3months.

When I get home you may be treated to a showing of Cyndi Lauper performed by 2 very drunk girls with screen cleaner aerosol cans as microphones. Don't get too excited!

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