Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Interesting Carlisle

When I'm asked - and I've been asked a few times - how Carlisle was, my first-thought answer is interesting.
We spent Saturday wandering around Talkin Tarn because the boat hire place was closed for only one day this month and, of course, that day was this Saturday. So we walked around it instead and attempted to educate ourselves on the subject of British birds. However, we got immaturely distracted by their "rude" names like the good 7yr olds we're not. The hilarity was continued into the Farm Shop on our discovery of this delectable spoonerism. We finished our day with a walk along... wait for it... Hadrian's Wall!! * to a backwards village with a backwards pub. They only sold wine in those tiny, useless bottles and the barmaid asked if I'd like "Chardonnay or Stowells?" Seriously?? How can a barmaid not know her wines??

So, I think you'd agree that that was a rather interesting day, right?

The evening was fun, and far too alcohol-fuelled. We'd only had one soft drink all day and that was a glass of juice with breakfast. After that it had been wine and more wine, followed by a bottle of wine each in Wetherspoons because, as I mentioned before, it's their "Wine Festival" and it seemed rude not to take them up on their kind offer of nice wine for half the usual price. At some point in the evening I decided I needed to present Hinny with her first 23rd birthday gift; a fluorescent pink light saber.

The night then descended into a search for Carlisle's finest take-away pizza, and an argument with a friend who was horribly patronising. But it's what always happens when we're drunk; she patronises me (because she always thinks she's more sober than I am) and I resent her for it. So I should probably have learnt to live with it by now. However, I woke up still feeling resentful; a similar feeling to how I woke up last time I got drunk with these best friends of mine.

* What even is Hadrian's Wall?? I mean, I know it's a wall, and I'm guessing it was built by a Roman to keep the Scotts out, or something along those lines... but, well, it's not particularly tall so I don't reckon many kilted warriors would be particularly perturbed by it, and it's not even on the Scottish border! I'm sure I learnt about it at school once...


Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Hadrian's Wall but I thought it was buit to keep the Scots out...maybe people were a lot shorter those days?!

Anonymous said...

*in those days

Alasdair said...

We built it to keep the Sassenachs out...and it's not on the border to establish an exclusion zone. D'uh.

rosiewishes. said...

Laura - I just checked Wikipedia... I didn't understand most of it, but apparently it used to be 5-6m tall and now it's fallen down! I guess that would make sense!

rosiewishes. said...

Alasdair - Wikipedia doesn't mention Sassenachs, and I've never heard of them. And when you saw "we" do you mean you and your Scottish heritage? Or are you calling yourself a Roman?