Sunday, 5 October 2008

Fish in the sea.

So Palmer did end up screwing me, but not in the way I'd have liked. He claimed he was ill and so never made an appearance in Liverpool. I assume he just got a better offer somewhere else. Well, next time he comes a-knocking will someone please remind me to send him (a-)packing? He's not that hot, he's not that special, and there are plenty more fish in the sea!

And... it just so happens that I found one of those "fish" this weekend! Well, kind of.

I traveled up to Liverpool on Friday afternoon and met Crystal for some quality time. I've not seen her in forever (but that is a different story entirely). We ended up at 26K Road; this year's replacement for 60F Road*. I have to say, they did 60F proud; the party was as immense as I remembered them. However it was also as incest-ridden as I remembered them... The bed-hopping was pretty spectacular.

I, however, was a pretty good girl. I found a good-looking guy with no incestuous links to anyone I knew because he was from Manchester OTC, not Liverpool. He fulfilled most of my perfect man criteria:
  • He had a hot accent** because he was from Malawi;
  • He was really very good-looking and toned like an army boy (the only thing he's ever wanted to do is join the British Army);
  • He was intelligent (studying Architectual Engineering despite him just wanting to be an army officer) and interesting;
  • He was an absolute gentleman
So I had a lovely evening being entertained by him and, thanks to his gentlemanly-ness, I went home satisfied with just a kiss (although rumour grenades have already been thrown around detailing our imaginary antics). It was really nice to wake up snuggled up to someone though, that's something I really miss about having a boyfriend; nothing beats using a man's chest as a pillow! [Ooh gosh, guess who just added me on Facebook? I didn't expect that!]

Despite the lovely evening, I woke up to discover I had lost my voice so I sounded like a man. I really wasn't very well... So I didn't carry on to Carlisle as planned and, instead, took myself home to bed. I slept for 14hrs last night!
This evening I'm off to the theatre to hear Charlie Boorman talk about By Any Means. Hopefully I'll feel well enough to sit through it, and hopefully I'll be better for work tomorrow morning.

* 60 F Road was my student house last year and where the majority of OTC parties took place. It was a student heaven, and a general open house (Crystal even invited in a couple of students she found on the street because they were locked out of the own house one evening). Our house was legendary.
** I've realised I have a penchant for White-African men and their accents. David was from S.Africa, Jamie was from Kenya, and Jason was from Malawi. They were all hot, and sounded hot.


Anonymous said...

You were in Liverpool and you didn't visit me?! *shock* haha (Joking by the way!)

Let me know what Charlie Boorman was like. I liked the thing he done with Ewan McGregor - Long Way Round. I reckon Ewan McGregor would be ace to go for a drink with, but I can't help getting the impression that Charlie would be a bit of a knob!

I don't understand why they are doing this programme either, it's just another jolly boys outing with his mates. We've already paid for him to do it once..Grrrr!

I'm just jealous really, I'd love to be able to do something like those 2 trips he's done :(

Phyll said...

Good times....good times.....

rosiewishes. said...

cynical - Yep, sorry. Although I now know where you live, I decided not to take the stalking that far!
I'm about to post on Charley so wait out... :)

Phyllis - Indeed good times! Times that I miss! And I miss you!