Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My Baby.

Can you believe someone ever thought this was a good idea for a child's toy??

(Re-posted after being so shocked at seeing it on Stellardreams's Livejournal!)

I remember Tiny Tears when I was younger; a doll that cried and wet it's nappy... but Baby PeePee?? With a retractable penis that sprays middle-aged men in the face?
And then I remembered My Baby All Gone:

My bestfriend Joanne had one of those when we were about seven and I was so jealous. The cherries smelt of, well, cherries!

Baby doll toys are pretty screwed up already, without Baby PeePee adding to it!


Rachael said...

YES. I wanted a Baby Born. Did that actually poo? A friend of mine had one, but I never established whether it actually did. Actual babies really are that gross though.

rosiewishes. said...

I hope it didn't poo... Please say it didn't poo!

Ah no! Judging by the shocked look on this poor dutch girl's face, it may have pooed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ3dtz0HUyI

(Remind me to never search for 'baby born' on YouTube again, there are some videos that should not exist...)

Anonymous said...

"but Baby PeePee?? With a retractable penis that sprays middle-aged men in the face?"

Haha that actually just made me laugh out loud. That doll is horrifying!!

I really wanted a Baby All Gone, I actually wished for one once as my birthday wish but I never ended up getting one :(

Phyll said...

Oh my god rosie, that pee pee thing is horrendous.......he's practically having an erection!!!!!

rosiewishes. said...

Laura - I wanted one too! I was so jealous of my friend...

Phyll - Fucking weird. Who would buy that for their child???