Monday, 11 August 2008

Impending Interviewday

Those interviews in London that I mentioned in my last post are tomorrow. Shitfuck. I'd completely lost track of dates and days, and somehow realised this morning that today is Monday. So tomorrow is Interviewday.

I'm not particularly worried... I don't really mind interviews; I have the relevant work experience (ok, ok, the last time I did Silver Service was when I was 16 and only for one week, but I'm sure it's just like riding a bike!), and a friend who worked for the company last year has told me I'm what they're looking for. So, it'll be a breeze, right?

All I'm worried about is whether or not I'll look smart enough, and navigating myself to their offices. Going to a non-uniform school doesn't really prepare one very well for "office dress". I have a hatred for suits, and an innate need to personalise anything resembling a uniform. Their office appears to be in a part of London I never knew existed. Basically, it's not on the tourist maps. I just know I'll end up panicking, turning up too early and having to sit awkwardly in their waiting room, or outside in the rain.

I wonder if I should risk leaving my bike locked up in front of the train station all day, or whether that's just asking for trouble? I can't really afford a taxi.


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I don't own a suit. If I have an interview / job, I'll just wear something smart without it being a suit.

Good luck in the interviews... and as for the bike issue, depends on the station. My boyfriend's got nicked from outside his local station, but then he had a really, really shit lock. We got it free in centre parcs. So as long as it's a good lock, you should be ok.

rosiewishes. said...

Being in the Officer Training Corps meant I had to own a suit for evenings in the Officers' Mess, but I tried to get out of wearing it as often as possible!
I just wore a cardigan yesterday... I think (/hope) it work.

Thanks for the luck!

I locked the bike up, after realising there were CCTV cameras pointing at the bike park.