Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I'm going to do something I shouldn't...

This whole "World Of Work" I appear to have been inadvertently baptised into, is leaving me with little else in my life. Starting work at 8.30am means I'm exhausted by the time I get home at 4pm. I'm unable to keep my eyes open past the Ten O'clock News!

So tonight I'm rebelling. I'm bringing back the student-style Mid-Afternoon Nap, followed by student-style Midweek Drinking. Just don't tell my Mum.

Tomorrow I may be a horrible mess. I may spend all morning constantly yawning. I may have hangover breath which, hopefully, will be so laced with vodka it'll knock the kids out with one exhale.

But... I need to do it for my sanity! My journal has descended into whines about children and plasters and family! Where are the boy-dramas? Where are the videos of me singing drunken kareoke? Where are the posts about recent shopping trips to buy over-priced, but beautiful, clothes? This was supposed to be my year out to enjoy myself... and I won't let it turn into my year out to become a housewife!


Anonymous said...

You'll regret it in the morning! However think of today as the first day of the rest of your life. Put yourself into training for many more mid-week nights out, it'll stand you in good stead(sp?).

There has been many a time I've gone in work hungover. No idea how I manage it, but I do. Thankfully I can hide behind my computer all day though!

rosiewishes. said...

...I'm alive! And not regretting it just yet, but that may be due to the alcohol still in my system!

Anonymous said...

Well done you! I'll give you until 1pm when you start going downhill!

I also went out last night, you put the idea in my head when I read your post! I slept in and got into work an hour late - oops. I'm blaming you hehe :)

rosiewishes. said...

4minutes til 1pm and I'm not doing too badly! And all I have to do this afternoon is take 30 small children on a walk... Thank god it's not in the classroom else I think I may have fallen asleep!

I'm glad you went out, and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty!

lin said...